Moving during the harsh Canadian winter is no joke. Dealing with the snow, the slush and the ice storms isn’t for those who are faint of heart. With that being said, sometimes we just don’t have the choice and we must plan a winter move. If that’s the case, or if you’re nutty and just enjoy the winter, then keep reading below for tips on how you can survive a move during Edmonton’s winter.

While it may seem all doom and gloom, there are some pros to scheduling a move during the winter months. For starters, moving companies are less busy during these times (big surprise), so you’ll have a lot more options when it comes to booking your preferred moving day and time. Let’s move on to how you can achieve a stress-free move during winter so you can get warmed up in your new home in no time.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead for a move is planning smart. You will want to book ahead for your moving date for the winter and consider giving yourself a few days of cushion just in case a snowstorm was to arrive.

Plan Your Move As Early As Possible

That is, earlier in the day. As winter progresses, the days become shorter and shorter and we lose hours of precious daylight. Moving in the dark during winter is just not an ideal situation, so you’ll want to schedule your movers to start quite early in the day so you can take advantage of as much daylight as possible.

Outdoor Preparations

We all know how much of a safety hazard snow and ice can be, that’s why we all stock up on road salt before winter arrives. And the biggest danger to you or your movers while packing or loading up the truck is slipping and falling on snow or ice while doing so. This can lead to serious injury, as well as your belongings becoming damaged in the process. In order to avoid all of that, be sure to shovel any snow leading from your house to the street and any other major walkways. As well as apply lots of salt to keep the ice at bay.

Indoor Preparations

You’ll want to protect your home from getting damaged as well, namely by any snow, ice or dirt that can get tracked in. You can do so by lining your floors with cardboard, and any reputable moving company like Time Movers will have their movers prepared with floor runners and shoe covers to maintain cleanliness in your home.

Prepare For Delays

Things move much slower in the winter, and that goes double for traffic and major roads, so don’t be unrealistic with your expectations. Always allow extra time for travel so you don’t feel rushed. Feeling rushed can lead to speeding and accidents.

Using these winter moving tips will ensure that you have a smooth move during the Edmonton winter. Still, looking for a moving company to help you out? Contact Time Movers for all your moving needs in Edmonton!