When you work in the service industry, there are few other things more important than the actual service that a customer receives from you. Moving companies in Edmonton can get a bad reputation because of the few that ruin it for all the rest. Cash grabbing companies and incompetent workers are some important things to avoid when you hire a moving company. This is where looking at the reviews can come in handy.

However, you have to take some moving company reviews with a grain of salt. People can be fickle by nature, and many people will not take the time to post a review of a business unless they had a particularly bad experience. Therefore, the information that you find is most likely to be a little skewed. The majority of the reviews that you read will either rave about an excellent service, or give a rant about how awful the company was.

Don’t Start Your Search with Reviews

Reading about other peoples’ experiences with a moving service can be a good way to get some valuable information. However, you first need to vet a few companies and then narrow down your options. If you are getting ready to move, then you probably don’t have hours to spend on reading reviews. Pick three to five companies that seem like they have a solid reputation and then go read some of their reviews. You don’t need to read each one of them, just check out the ones that were good, some that were bad, and a few neutral reviews.

What will Reviews Tell Me that Movers Can’t?

A moving company won’t tell you about the time they broke a family’s precious heirloom, because that is just not a good business practice. A consumer review will let you know what the service is actually like. You can learn much from reading other reviews, like:

  • What you should expect on the day of the move, including if they show up on time, have logistical issues, or anything you should know ahead of time that the moving company will not mention.
  • If there are any hidden fees in the moving costs that you might have overlooked. Certain companies will try and charge hourly rates along with mileage for local moves, but not bother to tell you that you are paying both until you get the bill. Others who have used the service will be able to tell you exactly what they paid for.
  • Whether a company has good response time for returning calls, giving out estimates, and providing you with electronic communication. A company that you cannot get ahold of is not a company that you should work with. Movers in Edmonton will need to be attentive, prompt and act like they actually want your business.
  • Situational stories and anecdotes which give you much more insight into the workers’ professionalism, training and experience, and work ethic. All of these are important in a professional moving company.

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